What is Inside Out Faith Foundation (IOF)?


Our Mission

Inside Out Faith seeks to actively engage faith communities in order to educate, affirm and foster support of LGBTQ persons and their allies.

In the 40 plus years of growing LGBTQ awareness, the pain caused by religious prejudice has only served to remind us of how deeply powerful, personal and spiritually nourishing accepting one’s own sexual orientation and gender identity can be. Inside Out Faith Foundation strives to highlight positive voices coming from within spiritual communities seeking to support LGBTQ dignity.

“It is simply untrue that coming out is the end of a fruitful, spiritual life. It is only the beginning. Today, in most every faith tradition, including nearly every Christian denomination you can think of, there are active, thriving and openly celebrated LGBTQ inclusive groups. The challenge is being heard above all the negativity.”
—Jennifer Knapp, IOF founder

At Inside Out Faith, it is our goal to shine a spotlight on the incredible people and stories that celebrate the diversity of integrated faith and sexuality. By introducing faith communities to LGBTQ authors, artists, clergy, allies and everyday people alike, we can begin to heal, affirm and celebrate what it means to love without exception.

We are engaging and changing the conversation

  • Identifying and equipping speakers and faith leaders who openly advocate for LGBTQ faith equality
  • Using social media to create community and build a narrative of positive shared experience
  • Contributing to educational, networking and community resources that illuminate LGBTQ social consciousness


How you can extend the conversation into your community

  • You can donate to the Inside Out Faith Foundation.
  • You can book one of our speakers.
  • You can join and contribute to our community on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Openly share the value of your faith experience as a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender person or ally.IOF-logo-purple

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